How common is Trello used in software development?

Looking for something a bit more comprehensive with advanced functionality or want to explore all of your options? Read our full breakdown of the top project management software. This severely limits project managers from working across teams or within larger departments. Basecamp is a Trello alternative for web-based project development. It is an all-in-one toolkit for remote work that helps teams stay organized with projects.

trello development board

It allows easy real-time collaboration between teams and projects. Trello Kanban boards look similar to a board with sticky notes indicating important tasks. In this step, you must figure out what you want to achieve with your current sprint. After developing an objective, divide the large tasks into smaller parts. Create Trello cards representing each task, and place them in the relevant lists on your board.

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It essentially adds more communication and progress for each member resulting in good quality output and low chances of cramming work. Anybody in the company can log into Trello and create a ticket from the pre-defined templates we have. Such as raising bugs, tool access requests, ad hoc data requests or new feature requests. The Product managers will get notified of the new ticket, assign it to the correct person and assess the priority of the ticket.

  • When their work is ready for review, team members will then move cards to Code Review for a final look.
  • In my experience, the cross functional setup can be done badly where it becomes an internal buzzword rather than a genuine improvement in the processes employed by a company.
  • Arranging meetings with your team or customers is also an inevitable part of work life.
  • There’s a reason businesses and teams choose Agile methodology – it brings changes and flexibility to the business quickly.
  • Trello can be set up to reflect your objectives, key results and cross functional contributions towards the goals in 1 board.

With limited functionality and a lack of comprehensive reporting, Trello is not the most ideal solution for project managers. While it remains a staple in the space, many teams are searching for the best Trello alternatives to level up their productivity. 8 Top Scrum Software Tools in 2023 Compare the top 8 scrum tools of 2023 for agile project management. One of the things I like to do as a product manager is to keep 2 sets of backlogs; 1 for the business and stakeholders and one for the engineering team. This helps you to collect ideas and inbound requests from the business and keep them separate from the engineering backlog, which should ideally be in a cleaner state.


It enables users to define, manage and improve work, relieve the team from overburden and deliver customer value fast and as expected. The method works around the Kanban board, where work items or tasks are represented visually, with every member being able to see the state of each item at any time. You can download the Trello app for both Android and iOS devices.

trello development board

You can use comments to clarify an issue or discuss aspects of the project. Kanban boards are great for visualizing your team’s workflow, keeping an eye on current projects, as well as preparing them for future projects. They help provide a simple structure and the visibility you need to keep track of your projects as they move through the project lifecycle. As our company is split into quarters, the labels help indicate which quarterly goal that card is involved with. For example, green labels symbolize App Store Optimization, so all cards with green labels are working towards the quarterly ASO goal.

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This template can be used as a “vision board” for your coming year, the next five years, and the next decade, so you have a clearer idea where you’re headed. This is one of the use cases where there’s probably a better tool you could use, but this template should be enough to run a scrum process on your project and work in sprints. This template can be used to guide identification, assessment, and management of risks. Read more on risks in my article “Risk Management In A Nutshell” and use this board to help guide you on applying the concepts. The fact that it’s not perfect for all purposes is actually a perk as well. You don’t get bound by so many restrictions and workflows, and you can be as creative as you want with your boards.

trello development board

Learn how to manage your projects in Trello and stay organised at all times. Using a Trello board instead means everyone can quickly add a card to the board and assign it to themselves during the retro. People who agree with the point raised can add themselves to the card to agree with the person who added the card. I’ve used this set up many times trello software development and it’s worked tremendously well. The cards should represent pieces of work you’re doing in your cross functional team to get you closer to your goal key result. Where I have seen cross functional teams work well is where the teams are definitively split into independent teams who sit together and work on independent goals and objectives.

Is Trello a Kanban or scrum?

One of the tools you can use for this purpose is Trello, a kanban-based collaboration and task management app. Similar to a Kanban board, a Trello board allows you to break down your projects by statuses so you and your team can track your progress every step of the way. Workzone is a Trello alternative with simple project management features and a user-friendly interface.

trello development board

You can reassign the task to another team member or set up rules that do this step automatically. ‘Code Review’ spreads knowledge about the code and keeps the quality of the codebase high. It also checks to ensure no mistakes and gives our team time to check our work before we send it to the Product Manager. We use Hound for our projects to comment on our code style so that code reviewers can focus on higher level design and development choices. ‘Next up’ is the queue for stories and bugs that are actionable, organized in priority order.

It’s just a tool

Because when your software lacks structure, your buildout process will lack clarity. Not having a dedicated view to keep an eye on your sprints only makes things harder than it already is. For such a core process, if you had to use the same kanban board, it becomes a stitched up process.

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